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solar power fencing .

We, Silicon Solar Systems (SSS), like to introduce ourselves as one of the Manufacturing, Suppliers and System Integrators based in Hyderabad, for Solar Systems. SSS team has immense experience in the field of Solar past 22 years.

We have SSI registrations as well as Approved Manufacturing clearance certificate from MNRE (Ministry of New Renewable Energy). We are D & B’s Approved. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

Energy efficient systems from SSS like Solar Power Fence, Solar Lantern, Solar Street Lights, Solar AOL Lighting System, Solar Water Heating system, Solar Pumping System, Solar 24 hours security System, Solar Micro Level Security System, Video Door bells, CCTV, Doom Cameras, will satisfy the customer requirements Building Automation Systems. SSS team is having very good experience in providing turnkey solutions using Solar Power Plants for power requirements.

In house manufacturing of key electronic components like Fence Energizers, Fence Voltage Alarm Units, Neon Testers for solar fence systems, Solar High Security Systems, solar charge controllers, solar inverters and solar LED lighting for solar Street Lighting systems will give SSS an edge towards providing after sales service for the Solar Fencing and other systems.

SSS has strength and gist to take-up and complete the projects in-time to meet the customer requirements.
Some of the fast moving products Manufactured by us are as follows:

• Solar Systems: Power crisis has become a major subject in most of the states and is not addressed properly in the Power sector. We have taken up the issue and developed different models of Solar systems to meet end user requirement at an affordable cost. The Solar systems include Solar lanterns, Solar Street light systems, Solar perimeter security systems (Solar fence systems), Solar Water Heating systems Solar AD-Lighting Systems Solar AOL Systems, Solar Glow Signs Solar Un-Manned Level crossing Systems and many more. We can design solar system for any customer requirement and any application. We can also provide consultancy and submit a reliable solution to meet the requirement within stipulated period.

• Solar Charge Control Units: Fool proof and rugged solar charge controller produced by SSS will provide good charging to the battery from solar panel and support the battery life to its maximum. We can also design the higher capacity charge controllers for bigger systems.

• High quality Solar Power Security Systems like Energizer, Fence voltage Alarm, Neon Tester for Solar Power Fence system will provide perimeter security to houses and industries 24 Hours safe Security System.

• After Sales Service is our main strength and focus towards having valuable customers. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contract for supporting the customers.

Overall, Silicon Solar Systems is having the zeal, capability and network for providing an affordable solution to a customer without compromising on quality.