Solar Home Lighting

solar home lighting .

The Solar Home Lighting systems are designed to operate and use for a specific duration of hours/day to suit according to the customer requirements. They are available in four different models viz.

The home lighting system basically consists of:

 • Solar PV module  • Module mounting structure  • Low maintenance battery  • Charge controller unit  • Indoor luminaries  • Interconnecting cables

The SPV module is fixed firmly on the rooftop with suitable tilt and inclination so as to receive maximum sunlight through out the day. The SPV module thus produces suitable voltage and current, which is used to charge the battery. This energy stored in the battery is used to light up the 9W CFL tube, which is housed inside the indoor luminary. The luminary consists of 9W CFL tube with holder, an inverter that is used to convert the stored DC energy in the battery to suitable AC voltage to ignite the CFL tube. The charge controller protects the battery from over charging and deep discharging. A reflector is provided to increase and spread the light uniformly. The SPV module, luminary and the battery are interconnected through the cables. The solar home lighting system operates in the stand-alone mode.

Module Mounting Structure
MS angle structure. Provision is made for the adjustment of the tilt angle and direction of the SPV module.

MODEL-1 12V, 18Wp • MODEL-2 12V, 37W • MODEL-3 12V, 37W • MODEL-4 12V, 74W • MODEL-5 12V, 74W
Type: Mono-crystalline/Poly-crystalline
Make: Standard
Warranty: 10 years
MODEL-1 12V, 20Ah • MODEL-2 12V, 40Ah • MODEL-3 12V, 40Ah • MODEL 4 12V, 75Ah • MODEL-5 12V, 75Ah
Type: Low maintenance lead acid
Warranty: 1 years

• Model - 1:  One indoor luminary with 9W CFL.
• Model - 2:  Two indoor luminaries with 9W CFL.
• Model - 3:  One indoor luminary with 9W CFL and one <20W DC fan.
• Model - 4: Two indoor luminaries with 9W CFL and one <20W DC fan.
• Model - 5:  Four indoor luminaries with 9W CFL