Solar Insect Light Trap

Solar Chargeable Insects Light Trap I an Eco-Friendly Pest Management Device for Agriculture , Horticulture and Plantation Crops.

Solar Insect Light Trap image
Solar Insect Light Trap image


  • Ultra Violet-A- Lighting technology to capture nymphs and adults of plants damaging Insects an pests.
  • Microcontroller based operation auto turn ON prior to Sunset and auto OFF by Midnight.
  • Fully Solar Chargeable and No Power required to operation the device
  • High power LED Lights technology
  • Portable Across the crops and Plantations


  • Controls Flying Nymphs and Adults of Leaf folder, Stem borer moths, Fruit borers moths, Hoppers, Aphids, White Flies, Fruit Weevil and different crop Beetles, Etc.,
  • Controlling one Adult Insect reduce 300 Population and subsequent progenies in field.
  • Helps to identify the Pest and Insects Pattern to developpest Management and control plan. Economical and helps reduction of chemical pest management cost.
  • Helps distinguishing and controlling pest and Insects damaging the crop and enabling pollination to improve the productivity.
  • Produced output has less chemical impact which makes people healthy and protects eco-friendly system.
  • No Electricity and Manpower required to operate the device
  • Eco friendly Pest and Insects Management Device for Paddy, Wheat, Vegetables, Fruits, Mirchi, catton, Floriculture, Horticulture and all large plantation crops.

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