Solar Street Lights

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Demand for electrical energy is increasing day by day and the generation of the same is not increasing proportionately. The gap between demand and generation is increasing as the sources of fossil fuels are drying up fast. The atmospheric pollution is getting worse due to the fumes produced by the use of hydrocarbon-based fossil fuels. We have taken the initiative to promote Solar Energy systems and designed below mentioned Solar systems to meet the end user requirements.
Solar Lanterns (3 models), Solar Home Systems (5 models), Solar Street Lighting systems (2 models), Solar Water Heater Systems, Solar Power Packs, Solar Refrigerators, Solar Air Dryers and many more.

Principle of Operation:

Solar modules consist of Solar cells connected in between for the desired parameters. Solar cells generate electricity when direct sunlight fall on it and is multiplied based on the number of cells used. The generated electricity is used to charge the Battery through a Charge Controller. Thus the generated energy is stored in a Battery. The lighting load is connected to the battery through CCU incorporated in the Luminary itself. The lights will be switched ON automatically as soon as the Sun sets and switches OFF when Sun rises in other words the Light will operate from Dusk to Dawn automatically. The Charge Controller (CCU) is the heart of the system, which controls the charging, discharging of the battery, Solar module and the light. CCU will increase the Battery life by not allowing the battery to deep discharge and overcharge. During deep discharge conditions the CCU will disconnect the light and a red LED glows on the Luminary indicating that the Battery is low and needs charging. The green LED on the Luminary indicates that the Battery is resuming charge. During overcharge conditions the CCU will disconnect the Solar module and prevents overcharging of the Battery. All the Solar Street Lighting systems are designed for three days of autonomy i.e. if there is no Sun available or direct Sunlight is not available, the light can still be used for a maximum of three days without any interruption.

Location of Street Light System:

The Solar streetlight should be located in a shadow free area or place where direct sunlight is available throughout the day.

DO's of Solar Street Light System:

  • Make sure that the Direct sunlight is falling on the Solar module
  • Make sure that the Solar module surface is clean. Use water for cleaning the surface.
  • Make sure that the fuse is replaced with correct rating

DONT'S of Solar Street Light System:

  • Do not pour acid, detergent etc to clean the solar module surface.
  • Do not cover the solar module with protective grills etc, as this will reduce the light falling on the solar module
  • Do not try to service / repair the Luminary. Call the service personnel.
  • Never short the battery either directly or indirectly.
  • Direct sunlight on the battery should be avoided.

Scope of Supply

Solar module 1 no. of 12V / 74W or 2 nos. of 37Wp.
Sealed Maintenance free or Low maintenance Lead Acid battery 12V / 75AH 1 no.
Luminary with 11WCFL and automatic dusk to dawn operation 1 no.
Interconnecting Cables 1 set.
Pole, Battery box, Module mounting structure and accessories 1 set.

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